Don’t plan your failure!

Sounds harsh, but that´s exactly what happens when you don´t plan at all. Planning the year for a dojo is very important because once the routine starts rolling, sometimes it´s difficult to gain perspective and slow down.

Remember that there are 2 key stakeholders; the students and the parents. If you want to have a successful dojo, you should please both of them and give them as much information as possible. When I say information, I mean dates basically.

The students should know the dates well in advance so they can get prepared for the following activities:

  • International Competitions
  • National Competitions
  • Local Competitions
  • Exams and belt test
  • Regular Training
  • Specific Training
  • Physical Training
  • Seminars
  • Special Activities

Many people often ask me, why should we give them all this information? The answer is simple, each family has its own reality and they also need to organize themselves. So if you want that student to attend to all your activities, then give them the information with as much time as possible.

Having that said, parents as a stakeholder is almost self-explanatory.  Parents are the ones that pay for their children afterschool activities and sports. They also should know what is the big picture, when are the payments due, etc.

Whenever you start hearing from a mother or father that their child is not participating in an activity because they were not aware of it or the information was sent too late, then that raises a red flag.

By the way, if you are an instructor that teach in several dojos, then planning your year is mandatory. No ifs ands or buts.

Just as schools have their calendar, a dojo should have one.

So get to work!


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